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Model TGS821
Application Industrial safety
Category Sensor
Dimension(Weight) φ19.5×16.5mm(Approx. 7.7g)
High sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen, ceramic base resistant to severe environments, for hydrogen detectors
660mW (typical)

Model TGS6812-D00
Application Industrial safety
Category Sensor
Dimension(Weight) φ12.0×13.0mm(Approx. 1.5g)
Catalytic type, wide detection range, linear output, for hydrogen and combustible gas leak detectors for fuel cells
Hydrogen, Methane, Butane, Propane
(0-100%LEL of each gas)
525mW (typical)

Model CGM6812-B00
Application Industrial safety
Category Module
Dimension(Weight) 50x30x25.3mm(Approx. 15g)
Precalibrated module, maintenance free, for gas leak detection in fuel cell systems
Hydrogen, Methane, Butane, Propane
(0 to 14,000 of H2)

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