Environmental policy/World leader in gas sensing innovation

Working with the environment

At Figaro, a wide range of methods and evaluation criteria are combined to make continual improvements to the environmental load generated by the company.

Environmental policy

Figaro’s goal is safety and security, and comfort, through gas sensing. The company is deeply aware of the relationship between business activities and the environment. Within the company, environmental improvement remains a priority as well as creating products for the world that contribute to the environment.

  1. 1Development of products able to contribute to the environment through small size and low power consumption.
  2. 2Environmentally-friendly production with less waste.
  3. 3Strict observance of environmental legislation and prevention of pollution.
  4. 4Training of all personnel.
  5. 5Disclosure of environmental policy.

Figaro’s environmental policy as noted above is widely disclosed within and outside the company to promote understanding and cooperation.

Working with products

Semiconductor and catalytic gas sensors employ an embedded heater which is heated in contact with the gas, promoting a catalytic reaction. This process consumes power. Figaro is developing sensors with low power consumption while at the same time reducing sensor size and developing catalytic technology for reaction at lower temperatures.

Working in offices

Figaro acquired ISO14001 certification in 2006. Since this time, the company has developed mechanisms for the reduction of environmental load and ensured that these mechanisms are an integral part of the awareness of each employee. We are currently implementing ISO14001-compliant self-management for continuous improvement.