Bringing safety, security, and comfort to the world through our unique gas sensing technology

Figaro considers ‘Creativity’ to be of the highest value, and seeks to establish an original gas sensing technology. Our mission is the development of both tangible and intangible technology as well as its manufacture and sale in order to provide the people of the world with safety, security, and comfort.

As an organization of vitality and endeavor, we continue to be one of the world’s leading companies

All employees have a sense of vitality and endeavor within a free and active framework, raising the level of expertise in technology, quality, and services, placing the focus on building a company that continues to lead the world of gas sensing.

Focused on a company in which individual are able to grow and express themselves through shared ‘emotion’ with the customer

We are able to appeal to the customer by contributing to safety, security, and comfort. The encouragement gained provides us with the desire to create new value and brings an upward spiral of creativity throughout the entire company.