Management philosophy/World leader in gas sensing innovation

Management philosophy

Bringing safety, security, and comfort to the world through our unique gas sensing technology

Figaro considers ‘Creativity’ to be of the highest value, and seeks to establish an original gas sensing technology. Our mission is the development of both tangible and intangible technology as well as its manufacture and sale in order to provide the people of the world with safety, security, and comfort.

As an organization of vitality and endeavor, we continue to be one of the world’s leading companies

All employees have a sense of vitality and endeavor within a free and active framework, raising the level of expertise in technology, quality, and services, placing the focus on building a company that continues to lead the world of gas sensing.

Focused on a company in which individual are able to grow and express themselves through shared ‘emotion’ with the customer

We are able to appeal to the customer by contributing to safety, security, and comfort. The encouragement gained provides us with the desire to create new value and brings an upward spiral of creativity throughout the entire company.

FGD2020 Figaro Grand Design for the year 2020

FGD2020 describes the shape of Figaro in 2020, and covers the Mission, the Vision, and the Value based on our management philosophy.

The Mission

A company creating corporate value, and bringing satisfaction to the face of the stakeholder

  • * A company in which active and vigorous employees create new corporate value
  • * A company in which new corporate value brings satisfaction to the stakeholders
  • * A company in which the satisfaction of the stakeholders motivates employees
  • * A company which continuously grows and improves to increase the motivated employees and satisfied stakeholders

The Vision

From ‘feeling’ to ‘emotion’

At the heart of ‘emotion’ is the person.
It is Figaro’s hope and desire to be at the heart of this ‘emotion’, to be the source of this emotion.

What is this ‘emotion’?

Acting in concert with others

We at Figaro always try to sense the needs of others, what the other person is thinking, what the other person expects, and to create value and act to bring satisfaction in others. This is Figaro’s concept of ‘emotion shared with others’.
We see stakeholders as the first inner circle (shareholders, managers, employees, and customers), the second inner circle (suppliers, technology partners, sales agents, banks), and the outer circle (society, consumers, industry groups, government).
The concept of ‘emotion’ applies to non-customers as well since we are always asking the questions “Why don’t they buy our products?” and “What can we do to ensure that they buy our products?”

Acting in concert with changes in the external environment

Sensing changes in the external environment via PEST (Politics, Economics, Socio-cultural, Technology) and Porter‘s five forces (new threats, competitiveness of suppliers, purchasers’ ability of negotiation, substitute products/service threats, competition with competitors), the survival of the company can be ensured by changing the scope and format of the business.

Acting in concert with gas

We define gas sensing by the following characteristics.
1. Detecting gas and sending signals.
2. Moving, operating, and understanding something with these signals.
Figaro engages in product development with wide vision and endeavors to ensure that value is understood all the way out to the end user. This is the ‘emotion’ sought in Figaro’s product development.

Value (course of action)


  • 1. Fulfilling the responsibility for explanation by timely disclosure of information and truthfully communicating risk.
  • 2. The scope of activities covers the entire range, from product planning to services following delivery.
  • 3. All employees are sensitive to the importance of maintaining and improving quality.

Figaro takes satisfaction in seeing customers sensing value and actively continues to create products. Figaro follows the saying ‘Go and see by yourself and understand the situation’, and in doing so, strives to eliminate waste and discrepancies.


Supply valued products which meet customers’ expectations at an acceptable price.
Figaro takes satisfaction in the enthusiastic response of customers to its innovative products that are not found elsewhere.


Our concept of customer satisfaction is to have the customer re-order.
Figaro strives to deliver the desired quantity of products on a timely basis.


Figaro continuously works on offering new services that respond to customers’ requests for gas sensing with the theme of “facilitating immediate use”.