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This page introduces presentation materials detailing the work of Figaro Engineering Inc.’s the research and development team, including conference presentations and papers published in academic journals.


Date Category Topic
Nov 2019

Study of pulsed heater driving conditions for low power operation of MEMS type VOC sensors

Meeting:13th Asian Conference on Chemical Sensors
Jun 2019

SnO2-based Gas Sensor for Detection of Refrigerant Gases

Meeting:8th GOSPEL workshop
Jan 2019

Modern IAQ Monitoring MOS Devices, Especially for Residential Environments

Meeting:2019 ASHRAE winter conference


Date Category Topic
Nov 2017

Technical Requirements on Semiconducting Metal Oxide Based Gas Sensors for Residential Gas Alarms

Meeting:7th GOSPEL workshop


Date Category Topic
Jul 2016

Conformance Evaluation of the Button Cell Type Carbon Monoxide Sensor to the Standards for Fire Detection

Meeting:16th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors


Date Category Topic
Dec 2014

Catalytic combustion type gas sensor of Figaro Engineering

Meeting:The 31st International Korea-Japan Seminar on Ceramics
Mar 2014

An electrochemical CO sensor using a solid polymer electrolyte without a water reservoir

Meeting:15th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors


Date Category Topic
Mar 2013

Development of CH4 and LP gas sensor using MEMS technology

Meeting:5th GOSPEL workshop


Date Category Topic
Oct 2012

Research on filter materials for LP gas sensors

Meeting:PRiME 2012


Date Category Topic
Jun 2011

CH4 Sensor Using MEMS Technology for Battery Operation

Meeting:4th GOSPEL workshop


Date Category Topic
Jul 2010

Development of gas sensors for indoor air quality using MEMS technology

Meeting:13th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors


Date Category Topic
Dec 2009

Development and application of semiconductor gas sensor using MEMS technology

Meeting:3th GOSPEL workshop
Nov 2009

Development of CH4 sensor using MEMS technology for battery operated town gas leak detector.

Meeting:8th East Asian Conference On Chemical Sensors


Date Category Topic
Sep 2008

Development of semiconductor gas sensor using MEMS technology

Meeting:6th International Workshop on Semiconductor Gas Sensors
Aug 2008

Development of a portable TVOC monitor using an FID with a thermal desorption system

Meeting:Indoor Air 2008
Aug 2008

Development and application of a carbon dioxide monitor using a solid electrolyte electrochemical sensor

Meeting:Indoor Air 2008
Jul 2008

Development of semiconductor type exhaust gas sensor for air quality in car's cabin applying MEMS technology

Meeting:12th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors


Date Category Topic
Dec 2007

Hydrogen Sensor for Fuel-cell vehicles

Meeting:7th East Asian Conference On Chemical Sensors


Date Category Topic
Sep 2006

Applications and Development for Figaro Gas Sensors



Date Category Topic
Nov 2005

Gas Sensors and Systems for Aging Society

Meeting:6th East Asian Conference On Chemical Sensors
May 2005

Development of portable TVOC monitor using semiconductor gas sensor

Meeting:Indoor Air 2005


Date Category Topic
Oct 2004

A new and environmentally friendly liquid electrolyte gas sensor

Meeting:IEEE SENSORS 2004
Jul 2004

A New System for Discrimination and Quantification of NO2 and CO Gases Using a Semiconductor Gas Sensor

Meeting:The 10th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors