Company/World leader in gas sensing innovation


Figaro Engineering Inc. specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing company of gas sensors and gas detection equipment. In 1968, Figaro Engineering Inc. became the first company in the world to develop and commercialize semiconductor gas sensors. Globally, major concerns in the fields of gas detection, air quality control, HVAC appliances, and the automotive industry have relied on Figaro Engineering Inc. for gas sensing products. Based on its extensive and broad-based experience in developing and manufacturing gas sensors, Figaro continues to expand its expertise into new areas of gas detection.

Company Name Figaro Engineering Inc.
Established October 18, 1969
Capital JPY99 million
Representative Chairman and Representative Director      Taro Amamoto
President and Representative Director      Toshihiro Udaka
Products and Operation Research, development, manufacturing and marketing of gas sensors and gas detection equipment
Head office
1-5-11 Senbanishi, Mino, Osaka 562-8505, JAPAN
【East office】 1-11-46 Senbahigashi, Mino, Osaka 562-0035, Japan
TEL. 072-728-2560 / FAX. 072-728-0467
Staffing level 190
Production capacity 2 million sensors per month


1962 Founded as a private enterprise by N. Taguchi, former chairman.
Oct 1968 Commenced mass-production and sales of TGS semiconductor gas sensors
Oct 1969 Foundation of Figaro Engineering Inc.
Apr 1980 Honored by the Electro Chemical Society of Japan for the development of gas sensors.
Jun 1983 Established an American Office, "Figaro USA, Inc."
Feb 1986 Business agreement with Tokuyama Soda Co.
Apr 1986 Awarded the Chemical Technology Prize by the Chemical Society of Japan for the development and commercialization of SnO2 ceramic-type gas sensor.
May 1986 Established a joint venture company, "Riken Figaro Electronic Co., Ltd" in Nara, Japan
Feb 1990 Established a joint venture company, "Tianjin Figaro Electronic Co., Ltd"
Dec 1996 Achieved ISO 9001 Registration Certificate No. JCQA-0165.
Jan 2004 Established a joint venture company, "Shanghai Songjiang Figaro Electronics., Ltd." in China
Oct 2004 Achieved ISO 14001 Registration Certificate No. 04ER464
Jul 2007 Increased paid in capital to 99 million yen
Jun 2010 Honored by the Japan Gas Association for the development of carbon monoxide detectors in restaurant kitchens
Apr 2011 Riken Figaro Electronic Co., Ltd absorbed into Figaro Engineering Inc.
Oct 2012 Environmental Management System transition from ISO14001 to Figaro's own Management System.
Dec 2014 Established a new sales office, "Figaro Sensor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in China
Jan 2015 Figaro achieved "Supplier of the Year" award for 2014 from First Alert
Jul 2016 New Cosmos Electric Co. acquires partial ownership stake in Figaro Engineering Inc.