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A view of Figaro's future

Keep moving ahead of the leading edge

Figaro Engineering derives its name from the protagonist in the opera ‘The Barber of Seville' . Figaro's ability to challenge anything represents the certainty of technology in resolving any problem, and expresses the pride of the company as a venture enterprise. The company has some of the world's highest manufacturing and sales volumes for gas sensors and continues to progress with the spirit implied in its name.
Figaro places gas sensor development at the core of its operations. It has a diverse range of technologies in a wide range of fields, including manufacture of electronic products that utilize gas sensing products. These technical abilities contribute to safety and security, and it is our constant challenge to develop products with even greater convenience and added value.

 President of Figaro Engineering Inc.
Taro Amamoto

President interview

Management policy and
enterprise philosophy

Gas sensors are incorporated into products used in homes and workplaces, such as gas leak alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, to ensure safety in daily activities. Figaro's philosophy is to bring greater safety and security through advanced Research and Development. Within the niche market of gas sensors, the company aims to maintain a superior ability to supply products to world markets with a sincere and robust enterprise-management combination.

Future industry trends and
the Japanese market

In Japan, the proliferation of gas leak alarms in the residential market is approaching the saturation point. Further replacement demand and new sales trends cannot be expected at the present time. On the other hand, the creation of new applications and approaching undeveloped markets present realistic options for growth. Development of new applications and new products, such as air cleaner applications and automobile climate control, offer new possibilities in the field of comfort. The health business is also a possibility for the next generation of customer requirements.

Future world strategy

Recognizing the limits of the Japanese market as early as the 1980s, Figaro set its sights on overseas markets. Overseas operations began with the establishment of a branch in the United States, and Figaro now holds a major share of the United States market for carbon monoxide detectors. In Europe, a network of agents functions as the core of operations, with market share increasing day-by-day. A local corporation has been established in China as a base for manufacturing and sales where the company intends to make large increases in production and sales.

Consideration for personnel and
the future of company organization

Superior personnel are essential in strong company management. As a Research and Development enterprise, Figaro's personnel are very often from a technical background, and thus bring a developmental approach to sales activities. In future, the growth in overseas business of the company requires the in-house teaching of English and Chinese skills, as well as assistance for MBA studies, cross-discipline training, the assistance of external consultants, and development of multi-faceted personnel to ensure a strong company organization.

Future product development and
cooperation with other industries

Products of small size and low power consumption are in strong demand in the world of electronics. In the field of gas sensors as well, these developments are dramatic. Figaro's own MEMS and miniaturized electrochemical gas sensors have been developed primarily with these requirements in mind.

For the future, mobility and portability functions will be important, and many inquiries are already received from a wide range of industries not previously connected with gas sensing. Figaro's strength in Research and Development and its depth of knowledge in the sensor field will be exploited to the fullest in order to answer the needs of the world of industry.