• High sensitivity and selectivity to acetone
  • Low interference from ethanol and hydrogen
  • Quick response
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption


  • Acetone detectors
  • Breath acetone testers

The TGS1820 is a new acetone gas sensor with high selectivity and fast response to acetone.

This sensor has high sensitivity to acetone with low interference from ethanol and hydrogen, making it ideal for breath acetone analysis.

Fat burning is particularly important when dieting. When the amount of glucose available for energy production in the body decreases, ketone bodies are produced from fatty acids and used as an alternative energy source. The metabolic behavior where ketone bodies are produced and used as an energy source as a result of fat burning is considered a desirable state for dieting.

The TGS1820 sensor is expected to be used to measure fat burning effects by measuring the concentration of acetone in breath, one of the typical ketone bodies.

The EM1820 evaluation module is also available to facilitate evaluation of the TGS1820 sensor.

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