Office Relocation/World leader in gas sensing innovation


Office Relocation

To accommodate our continued growth, we are relocating offices of our General Affairs Dept., Marketing Dept., Quality Control Dept., and Quality Assurance Dept. on 10th April 2019 to our new facility at:

1-11-46 Senbahigashi
Mino, Osaka 562-0035

Telephone, Fax and email addresses will remain the same.

These departments will be closed due to moving from 5th April 2019 to 9th April 20, and will re-open on 10th April 2019 at the new facility.

Please note that the location of our head office remains the same at:
1-5-11 Senbanishi
Mino, Osaka 562-8505

In addition, our production and shipping will be closed on 1st April 2019 for Stocktaking at the end of our financial year, and will resume at the current location on 2nd April.

We thank you for taking the time to update your records.